Kriss Perras
Expert SEO Specialist, Expert UX Designer, Expert UI Designer,Award Winning Photographer

Location: West Hollywood, CA 90069
Email laughlouderplayharder@aol.com
Phone number 818-333-6923
  1. Fechas Desde/Hasta 02/2000 - present
    Freelance Photographer
    Mind-Blowing Butterflies, West Hollywood, CA 90069

    • Freelance Photographer - Getty Images,
    • Shutterstock Freelance Photographer
    • Exhibition Work 2000- Present:
    1. Summer Whispers II, 2018"
    2. "Form 2008,"
    3. "1st Ave Sandpoint 2009,"
    4. "Summer's Sunset 2008" 
    5. 2020: Paris Street Photography Awards, Urbex & Minimalism Category, 2ndPlace: "La Petit Four" "Hollywood Woman I," "Queen of Hearts," "Sans Temps," "The Ruins III," "Effets de Soir" 
    6. 2020: May Best Shots, Focus Fixed:"Pink Roses" Color Photo
    7. 2019: Getty Images Licensing:"Yellow Blossom II" Color Photo
    8. 2018 Linus Galleries Group Exhibition "Where's My Mind?" "Street Dance," "Reductive IV,""Ocean Expression IX"2017-2018 Photojournalism:
    9. Topanga Journal 2007-2017 Photojournalism
    10. Malibu Arts Journal2014-2015 Photojournalism
    11. Clarksville Times, breaking news images published by The Clarksville Times, Clarksville, TX 2013
    12. Red River County Photography Contest: 1st Place, Special Effects Category, "Queen of Hearts,"1st Place Black & White, "Live Free,"3rd Place Street Photography, "It's A Sandpoint Life."
    13. 2010 CMTV 14 Spokane, Washington, Solo Exhibition
    14. 2006-2007 Photojournalism: PCH Press, Malibu
    15. 2005 Malibu Times: Lifestyle Photo image published in the Malibu Times by then Managing Editor Laura Tate. 
    16. 2000 Photojournalism: Iowa Caucuses photojournalism of George W. Bush & Forbes, published by College Newspaper (my very first assignment)
  2. Fechas Desde/Hasta 00/0000 - present
    Expert SEO Specialist, Expert UX Designer, Expert UI Designer, SEM,SMM
    Mind Blowing Butterflies, West Hollywood, California, United States

    Some of my clients include:

    • Dr. Peter Alsop, Experiential Psychologist / Folk Singer May 2020-Present
    • Topanga Chamber of Commerce March 2018-September 2020
    • Internationally Acclaimed Artist Marcus Jansen July 2020
    • Boutique Hotel Feb-March 2021

    SEO Specialist, UX Designer, UI Designer, Freelance

    Mind Blowing Butterflies - West Hollywood, CA

    February 1999 to Present

    SEO Specialist:

    ? Extensive client facing experience

    ? Expertly audit websites for improvements & report on and implement those needs.

    ? In-depth knowledge of keyword research. I know which tools do what needs.

    ? Expert knowledge of SEO copywriting.

    ? Expert knowledge of both white hat strategies to use & black hat SEO strategies to avoid.

    ? SEO organic search and paid search keyword opportunities, organic CTR and the demographics to which the words apply for Site and competitors

    ? Ongoing keyword research discovering high value keywords for Site and market comparisons.

    ? Expertly design Site so a vast portion of SEO is considered during ideation & design phases. SEO is a major consideration during all phases of design.

    ? Expertly optimize Google My Business pages.

    ? Have a thorough knowledge of hyperlocal marketing.

    ? Create and promote a brand & manage reputation through the Web and social.


    ? Visual and responsive designs that consider user-centered needs most important. Useful tool: User-Centered Design Process Map, or similar tool at this phase.

    ? UI designs that anticipate user needs and ensure the interface facilitates those needs.

    ? Content strategy born from a strong SEO strategy. Writing content needed by users via the creation, delivery and governance behind the topics.

    ? Information Architecture (IA) that informs content strategy through the use of keyword identification to meet user needs. IA also informs UI design aspects through the prototyping processes and beyond. This phase too involves important SEO strategies.


    ? Produce elegant digital experiences across desktop and mobile touchpoints.

    ? identify and use marketing techniques to effectively promote products and services to the target audience.

    ? Develop and interpret research and metrics to understand the market, brand and target audience

    ? Derive meaningful market research conclusions from data and effectively evaluate market research tools and terms.

  1. 01/2021 - 12/2021 - High School Diploma, Advanced Placement
    Arvada High School
  2. 01/2020 - 12/2020 - Continuing Education  
    Harvard University
  3. 01/2020 - 12/2020 - Continuing Education, Computer Sci
    Facebook Blueprint
  4. 01/2020 - 12/2020 - HTML5 Certification, Computer Science
  5. 01/2000 - 12/2002 - B.A., International Relations Major, Intelligence Studies Minor
    American Military University
(Limited Working)